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Districts to receive additional funds under new funding model

The Illinois State Board of Education has notified school districts serving Homewood and Flossmoor of the new monies they will receive under the Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success Act of 2017.
The measure is meant to comprehensively change the way school districts receive the bulk of state funds sending more resources to Illinois’ most under-resourced students, according to an ISBE news release.
These ISBE vouchers are in addition to the funding formula schools have worked under. Homewood District 153 will receive $191,853. Flossmoor District 161 will receive $132,644. District 233 serving Homewood-Flossmoor High School will receive $520,379.95.
In addition, Homewood schools will receive an $8,023 grant for English Learners programs. Flossmoor schools are receiving $15,303 in English Learners grant money. 
Under the state’s funding revisions, five previous grant programs are combined into a single grant program and distributed as evidence-based funding. Those grant programs are general state aid; special education – personnel; special education – funding for children requiring special education services; special education – summer school; and English learner education.
This school year districts received separate funding for each of those five programs, as a hold harmless provision.  
The EBF formula defines an adequate funding target for each school district, based on enrollment numbers and the cost of 34 factors proven to deliver the greatest positive impact to students. The formula compares each district’s current resources to its unique adequacy target. Increases in state education appropriations go to the most under-resourced districts. 

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