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Sen. Hutchinson votes to override veto on school funding

Illinois Sen. Toi Hutchinson, D – Chicago Heights, who represents Flossmoor in the Illinois legislature, released the following statement Sunday, Aug. 13, after voting to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of historic school funding reform contained in Senate Bill 1. 
“For decades, Illinois students have suffered under a system of school funding that is outdated, inequitable and unjust. Children living in communities with little property wealth have been relegated to a sub-par education while homeowners have suffered under increasing property taxes.
Years of hard work on both sides of the aisle have worked to change that reality. I am proud to stand today in support of this plan to ensure we do not pit school districts against school districts and students against students. 
A student’s zip code should never determine the level of education they receive in the wealthiest nation in the world.”

Rauner issued the amendatory veto because he objected to the way the bill would help Chicago Public Schools with pension costs, something the state does for other districts in the state. 

Until a school funding bill is passed, schools will not receive state aid. 
The Illinois House has 15 days to consider a veto override measure of its own. 

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