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New park district marquee sign coming to Dolphin Lake

A new color LED marquee will be installed on the corner of 183rd Street and Governors Highway due to the out-of-date technology of the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District’s current sign.

The new sign will better advertise park programs, officials said at the July 18 park board meeting.

Park commissioners approved a motion to accept the proposal for the purchase and installation of the marquee at Dolphin Lake for the amount of $13,633. The project is less than the $15,000 that was allocated for the new sign in the 2017-2018 budget. 

Darren Jasieniecki, the park district’s marketing manager, said the current marquee is 11 years old and the replacement is necessary.

“It is very hard to get messages displayed correctly at a high traffic volume corner,” he said. “A new marquee will help improve the way we advertise our programs and events on the marquee while aesthetically making us look better.”  

Jasieniecki said the software that originally ran the marquee was lost following a computer crash. Park officials were unable to reacquire that software because it was no longer available.

He added that a newer version of the software was installed, but it doesn’t work properly or display messages on the current marquee.   

Homewood officials must still approve a permit for the new marquee. Once approved by the village, it will take two weeks of production time and an additional week for delivery.

The marquee is located in front of the park district’s Dolphin Lake Clubhouse, which opened in October 2015. 

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