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School staff members recognized for outstanding service

As the school year ends, teachers, administrators and staff are retiring from Homewood-Flossmoor schools.
Whether it was giving a short term or more than 30 years of service, the work of these staff members has been greatly appreciated by all they came in contact with during the school day.
Homewood District 153
  • Cece Coffey, principal at Churchill School, 27 years
  • Diana Condon, assistant to the superintendent, 19 years
  • Janice Coules, PE teacher, 23 years
  • Donna Delach, school nurse, 2 years
  • Patricia Hentschel, school secretary, 20 years
  • Cheryl Krantzler, sixth grade teacher, 21 years
  • Chris Kuehl, database manager, 23 years
  • Joan MacKinnon, teaching assistant, 19 years
  • Mary Marsh, food services, 19 years
  • Joe Nowak, custodian, 15 years
  • Diane Timko, special education teacher, 21 years
  • Mary Ann Savage, principal at Willow School, 10 years
  • Marilyn Worman, kindergarten teacher, 21 years
Flossmoor District 161
  • Susan Aylmer, paraprofessional at Heather Hill School, nine years
  • Kathy Belinsky, industrial tech teacher at Parker Junior High School, 34 years
  • Geri Magnuson, eighth grade Spanish teacher at Parker, 28 years
  • Jimmie Sanders, PASS teacher at Parker, 17 years
  • Daphne Cooper, eighth grade social science teacher at Parker, 23 years.  
  • Mark Hayes, custodian at Western Avenue School, 15 years.  
  • Karen Klyczek, administrative assistant at Western Avenue, 24 years   
  • Denise Peck, teacher, 13 years
  • Charles Scheiwe, administrative assistant at Parker, 13 years
Homewood-Flossmoor High
  • Loretta Alexander, Athletic Department secretary, 23 years
  • Terry Baker, Operations Department staff, 31 years
  • Kathy Dreger, director of special education, 17 years
  • Kris DuBois – school nurse at North Building, 8 years
  • Karen Hall, Business Office, 18 years
  • Arlene Kadar, Campus Store cashier, 16 years
  • Cathy Kvedaras, Information Technology staff, 14 years
  • Nena Miller, school nurse at South Building, 22 years
  • Mike Quinlan, copy room staff at South Building, 14 years

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