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Homewood village board members sworn in again

There were no new faces, but village officials were sworn in at the Homewood board meeting Tuesday.

Cook County Judge Toya Harvey swore in Village President Richard Hofeld, Clerk Marilyn Thomas and Trustees Larry Burnson, Anne Colton and Barbara Dawkins. All were easily re-elected to their respective positions in the April 4 consolidated election.

Hofeld declared May 14-20 to be National Public Works Week, in concordance with the American Public Works Association. The theme for this year is “public works connects us.”

Several public works employees were in attendance Tuesday and Hofeld thanked them for their efforts.

“They always get the job done,” Hofeld said. “They’re not here for the glory. They don’t have sirens and red lights flashing. They just get the job done.”

Public Works Director John Schaefer said the annual Public Works Open House will be held from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. on May 20. The day will include interactive equipment operation and rides for kids, tours of the water plant facility and demonstrations on tree planting and water main repairs.

The board also amended the zoning ordinance for home-based businesses. The change eliminated the need for a permit or inspection on businesses that have a home office but don’t receive clientele, offer merchandise for display or retail sale and do not have deliveries or inventory on the premises.

Permit fees for home-based businesses were $100 for application and $60 per year. The fire department provides annual inspections. The village will continue to regulate businesses in two classes, depending on the degree of impact the business activities could have on the neighborhood in which they operate. Home physician and dentist offices are now designated as “Class II.”

The board approved bills of $672,040.82. The bulk of that went to dispatch provider E-Com ($179,432.71), village employee health insurance ($197,667.96) and Thorn Creek Sanitary District ($68,064.36).

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