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Lions Pool gets new system for automatic chlorine levels

This summer an automated control system will allow staff to set and monitor chlorine levels at Lions Club Pool.
The Homewood-Flossmoor Park District approved the $14,545 purchase of the Accu-tab system from Aqua Pure on April 19. The system will monitor the chlorine levels in the pool more efficiently and reduce the time staff spends daily checking the chemical levels, said Doug Boehm, superintendent of parks and planning. The new system is likely to save money, he said.

Boehm expects the new system will be in place for the start of the season. The pool opens May 28.

The current system is 12 years old and requires staff to manually control the chemical levels. The new system will set the parameters and will allow staff to monitor via computer or smart phone.
“We will be more precise on the amount of chemical we use,” he told park commissioners. Levels will automatically adjust to the size of the crowd at the pool. 
“There will be fewer times staff will have to touch the chemical. This system will hopefully eliminate the guesswork,” Boehm said. Staff will check the chlorine levels at the start of each day, but throughout the day the computers will do the monitoring. 
 If there’s a problem, Boehm said an alarm will notify staff to make an adjustment of chemical balance or correct malfunctioning equipment.
“Problems can be addressed immediately instead of whenever they may be discovered, which should help with possible unanticipated pool closures,” he added.

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