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Homewood board gives green light to street resufacing program

Travel on four roads in Homewood will soon become a little smoother thanks to board action at the Feb. 28 village board meeting. Trustees approved a resolution calling for a $370,000 appropriation from the 2017 Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) allocation.

This is welcome news to the village. There were no resurfacing projects completed in 2016 due to the lack of funding and the uncertainty of the state’s budget situation, according to Public Works Director John Schaefer.

“Last year was the first time we did not do any street paving. But we feel more confident this year with the MFT funding available,” he said.

Motor fuel taxes, collected by the state when drivers buy gasoline, are shared with municipalities.

The streets scheduled for resurfacing include: Lyn Court, from 186th Place to Riegel Road; Argyle Avenue, from 183rd Street to Heather Road; 191st Street, from Center Avenue to the dead end; and 191st Street, from Riegel Road to Center Avenue.

The projects will consist of pavement patching, needed curb repairs, drainage structure repairs and adjustments and sidewalk installations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The road resurfacing will be finished with an asphalt overlay.

Schaefer said it could be late May or June before the work begins, due to the necessary bidding requirements and approval needed from the Illinois Department of Transportation for these projects.

“We will be going out for bid, but the timing of the project depends on a number of factors such as choosing a contractor, the contractor’s schedule and the weather,” he said.

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