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New reservoir creates odor problem in Homewood on Thursday

The east side of Homewood was beset by the smell of sewage Thursday, a result of an unfavorable wind blowing past the new storm water reservoir in Thornton quarry, according to Homewood officials.

The odor was strongest on the far northeast part of town nearest the quarry. It gradually faded further south and west, although one Flossmoor resident reported on Facebook that she noticed the odor near Dixie Highway and Flossmoor Road.

Public Works Director John Schaefer said he has been working with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District on the problem.

“MWRD has opened the gate to allow sewage into the quarry, and with the winds off the Lake and blowing to the Southwest we are getting odor complaints,” he said.  “I spoke to MWRD and they are aware of the problem and feel the smell should be diminished by tomorrow.”


The reservoir in Thornton quarry was put into operation late in 2015 as part of MWRD’s Tunnel and Reservoir Plan, a long-term flood control project. Aerators and green buffers were included in the project in an attempt to control odors from the reservoir.

Schaefer said MWRD encourages residents to call the Odor Hot Line at 1-800-332-3867 and report the problem.

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