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Following Portillo’s request, trustees agree to create beer-only liquor license

Homewood trustees voted July 12 to direct village staff to create a beer-only liquor license after Portillo’s Hot Dogs restaurant requested a license to sell draft beer.

The popular chain, which opened its Homewood restaurant last September, serves beer and wine at 35 of its 39 locations nationwide.

Amy Zukowksi, Homewood’s deputy director of finance, presented the request to the board of trustees.

“We currently don’t have a beer-only class, but should the board decide to move forward, we would create a new class and bring it back to the board at a future meeting,” she said.


Portillo’s representative Susan Shelton said only draft beer would be served at the company’s Homewood location and that customers age 40 and under will be carded before being served.

“We are not a drinking establishment, we’re a family eating establishment,” she said. “We make certain that people are not being over-served and generally hanging out and drinking.”

Village President Richard Hofeld, who serves as the village liquor commissioner, cautioned that beer must not leave the restaurant and fall into underage hands.

Trustees will vote at a future meeting on an amendment adding the beer-only class to the village’s alcoholic beverage ordinance. If the amendment is approved, Portillo’s request for a license can be considered.

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