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Half Week | June 26: Chroniclewear for the 10th, Torch Run video, new bike helmet promotion idea, bike laws

Reporter Supporters buy Chroniclewear

Whenever I walk down the street and see someone sporting the colors of their local newspaper on their clothing, I think, “There’s somebody who really knows what’s going on in their town.”

Instant respect. Moderate admiration.

As part of the Chronicle’s 10th anniversary celebration, we wanted to give our readers an opportunity to bask in the glow of that respect and admiration by offering shirts and hoodies with the anniversary logo emblazoned on the front.


We’ve got a store set up with NixNax that will be open until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, June 30. You’ll want to grab one (or more) quickly so you can dress appropriately for the Chronicle’s 10th anniversary open house Oct. 5 at Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery (save the date). Click on any of the images to order.

Login with sale code F45UF.

Proceeds from the sale will be poured into gathering and delivering news to the H-F community.

Local police run for Special Olympics

Tuesday, June 4, was hot and cicada-y at Woodlands Community Church, where the Homewood Police Department team took the handoff from the Flossmoor Police Department team in the annual Torch Run for Special Olympics. Here’s a look.

A new bike helmet promotion

The other day I saw another cyclist without a helmet. Not a Chronicle reader, apparently. I had a thought. Maybe the whole “Helmets, people!” scold isn’t the right approach. For some people, lectures are not only ineffective, they are anti-effective.

Remember those anti-drug commercials in the late 1980s? A dour fellow says, “This is your brain.” Cracks egg.  “This is your brain on drugs.” Yolk lands in frying pan. Sizzles. “Any questions?”

Teens of that time, if they were like teens of my time, had a question: “Where can we get these drugs?”

So maybe “Wear a helmet to protect your brain” is the wrong approach. It’s got that “eat your spinach. It’s good for you” vibe. How about this instead?

Bike helmets are sexy.

For the campaign, we would need an attractive social media influencer wearing a helmet and a smouldering look for the promo video. “When I see a rider in a helmet, I think, ‘Oooh, there’s someone who likes to keep their brain on the inside of their skull. That’s hot.'”

I think it will work. Soon people will be posting selfies of themselves decked out in bike helmets on all the dating apps. Everyone will be safe and sizzling.

But not in the frying pan sense.

More bike laws

From the Ride Illinois bike laws page.

Left Turns
Bicyclists may choose between a vehicular-style left turn or a pedestrian-style left turn. [5/11-1510]

For vehicular-style left turns, proceed as if driving a vehicle, moving to the left lane or the left side of a single lane prior to the intersection. [5/11-801]

For pedestrian-style left-turns, ride near the right side of the roadway, cross the intersecting roadway, stop (as much as practicable out of the way of traffic), yield to any traffic and proceed in the new direction, while obeying any official traffic control device or police officer. [5/11-1510]

Hand Signals
Signals shall be given from the left side as follows: Left turn—hand and arm extended horizontally. Right turn—hand and arm extended upward, except bicyclists may extend the right hand and arm horizontally and to the right side of the bike. Stop or decrease of speed—hand and arm extended downward. [5/11-806]

Signal not less than the last 100 feet before the turn, and while the bicycle is stopped waiting to turn. Signals need not be given continuously if the hand is needed in the control or operation of the bicycle. [5/11-1511]

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