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Local nurse reminds colleagues, ‘You’re not alone’ during National Nurses Week

Nursing has undergone numerous changes and stresses due to the pandemic, but nurse Scholastica Amekugee of Homewood says nurses need to know they’re not alone.

Amekugee, founder of Nursing Staff Agency NSA LLC, a comprehensive healthcare staffing solution supporting nurses and healthcare facilities, is sharing the ‘You’re not alone,’ message this National Nurses Week through May 12. 

Amekugee shares a deep personal connection with the challenges nurses face. 

Her experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, which she views as a significant contributor to burnout among healthcare providers, were a driving force behind the establishment of her company in 2021. The pandemic heightened nurses’ workload and stress levels, highlighting the urgent need for increased support and resources in healthcare facilities, said Amekugee. 

“COVID-19 has been a turning point for me,” Amekugee shared. “Seeing some of the most resilient nurses succumb to overwork and the long-term effects of COVID, that we are still recovering from.”

Amekugee, a mother of three, was driven by a solid determination to address the challenges of overwork and toxic working conditions that often led nurses to leave the field. Her personal experience with her son’s diagnosis of Sickle cell disease, a genetic blood disorder, further fueled her motivation to create NSA LLC. 

She understands the juggling act that nurses perform, balancing their professional and personal lives, and strives to provide a supportive environment. 

As a free-agent nurse, Amekugee has explored many different healthcare facility settings. She noticed that many other agencies did not fully understand the challenges nurses face. This led her to advocate for better conditions for nurses and to support these facilities by  engaging in open conversations about their needs. Her goal is to prioritize patient care and not just fill hospitals with bodies, but to open dialogue and work towards achieving both goals.

Establishing and building distinct client relationships, Amekugee said, “I advocate for our nurses to get decent ratios, meaning a manageable number of patients per nurse, and primary care, which is essential for the patient’s well-being.” She added, “We also work on implementing supportive measures in healthcare facilities, such as regular support of all kinds to ensure a healthy work environment for our nurses.”

With a Nursing Staff Agency mission to promote the welfare of all nurses and healthcare workers, Amekugee added, “We advocate for our nurses by negotiating on their behalf for suitable placements that foster their growth and well-being. We also strive to help healthcare facilities achieve their goals by sharing our successful model, which includes strategies for nurse support and patient care, possibly replicated across the Southland and Chicago and nationally.”

Amekugee said, “Partnering with local healthcare facilities, understanding their unique needs, and tailoring our services to meet the goals of addition to our nurses.” 

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