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Homewood board approves $650,000 for street repairs

The Homewood village trustees unanimously approved the appropriation of $650,000 from the Motor Fuel Tax funds for patching the village’s streets at the board’s meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Prior to the vote, Trustee Allisa Opyd asked if the village had identified streets that needed more extensive work than just patching. Director of Public Works John Schaefer answered that the software the village uses can identify what streets need repair and which ones need more extensive work.

“Right now, we are focusing on the patchwork because we get a lot more bang for our buck,” Schaefer said. “We can do a lot more to save the streets before they have to get resurfaced and get more extended life on that.” 

The trustees passed two other actions unanimously. One called for the village to enter into an agreement with Dacra Adjudication Systems for software to process citations, adjudication and collections. The second approval was for a serial raffle license for Marian Catholic High School that would allow it to operate a “Queen of Hearts” raffle for up to a year and allow it to offer a maximum prize of $250,000.

Hannale Nelson, right, is administered the oath of office by Homewood Village Clerk Marilyn Thomas. 
(Randall Weissman/H-F Chronicle)

The scheduled debate of a letter of agreement with the Illinois Department of Transportation concerning a proposal for re-striping a portion of Dixie Highway was postponed because IDOT was unable to send a representative to the meeting.

In other action, Hannale Nelson was sworn in as the village’s new records supervisor in the Police Department.

Before the business portion of the meeting, Mary Avent of the Advisory Committee to the Peoples’ Trustees (ACTTPT) addressed the gathering to make the village aware of the group’s plans to “reclaim control of Thornton Township.”

Avent cited the “drama” that the town of Dolton was suffering. She said both Dolton and Thornton Township were poorly managed and ACTTPT was planning several events to call attention to the situation. She said she hoped ACTTPT would be able to count on the village’s support.

Dolton and Thornton Township both are led by Tiffany Henyard, whose spending practices in both government organizations has attracted criticism.

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