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Homewood seeks residents’ views on village communications; survey available until July 15

The Village of Homewood is conducting an online communications survey for all Homewood residents until July 15. The survey takes approximately four minutes to complete, has eight questions and will remain anonymous.  

“The village is committed to authentic, effective and transparent communication within our community and is asking all Homewood residents to participate in our survey,” said Communications and Engagement Specialist Antonia Steinmiller. “We want to determine which media outlets our residents are getting their news and information from and how we can better serve those channels. For the past 10 months, communication and engagement has been a priority and will continue to be at the forefront of our main objectives. It’s important we continue to strive for transparency and authentic messaging.” 

Residents can find the survey link on village social media pages; the village website; the weekly electronic newsletter, Homewood Happenings; and by using QR codes posted throughout the downtown area and in the lobby of village hall. Village staff will be dropping off printed surveys at several facilities throughout Homewood in order to make participation more accessible. 

“The means in which people communicate change over time, especially with the introduction of new technologies. It is our obligation to recognize this change and try to adapt to the preferences of the community,” said Assistant Village Manager Tyler Hall. “This survey will play a role in determining which communication channels are preferred and will allow us to make better decisions when determining which channels to invest in for the future. While we anticipate most respondents will come from our online survey, a printed survey will also be made available for those that are unable to access the internet.”

The survey link will be live until July 15. The results will be shared once they are analyzed and reported to the Village Board of Trustees. 

The survey is at www.surveymonkey.com/r/WJ9P8YK.

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