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Flossmoor Board honors Evan Roberson; appoints new members to commissions

Mayor Michelle Nelson honors Evan Roberson with a resolution at the Monday, June 5, board meeting. (Jalyn Edwards/H-F Chronicle)

At its meeting on Monday, June 5, the Village of Flossmoor board passed a resolution honoring Evan Roberson, a recent fifth-grade graduate from Heather Hill Elementary. In addition to recognizing Evan’s outstanding character and dedication to the community, the village board appointed new members to the Public Art Commission and the Flossmoor Green Commission.

Roberson, who will start the sixth-grade at Parker Junior High School this fall, already has earned a reputation for his exceptional kindness and thoughtfulness. Mayor Michelle Nelson praised Roberson’s exemplary behavior, highlighting his tradition of gifting notes and treats to staff and faculty during major holidays and his generosity towards the team at the Flossmoor Public Library.

“Most importantly, Evan is incredibly kind and thoughtful,” remarked Nelson. “The folks at Heather Hill are really going to miss you because of all you do for them.” 

To honor Roberson’s contributions to the community, Nelson and the board passed a resolution acknowledging his genuine love for Flossmoor, his dedicated service, and his embodiment of the village’s core values through his welcoming presence. 

In addition to honoring Roberson, the village board made essential appointments to its commissions. Morgan McCarthy, a Flossmoor resident who moved to the village a year ago with her husband and two children, was appointed to the Public Art Commission. With a Bachelor of Arts in technical theater and scenic painting, McCarthy brings over 20 years of experience as a muralist, sculptor, and theater backdrop specialist. 

“Your resume seems like an excellent fit for this commission, and I look forward to the opportunity for murals in Flossmoor,” stated Trustee Rosalind Mustafa. 

The board appointed Cecil Porter, another Flossmoor resident, to the Flossmoor Green Commission. According to Nelson, Porter takes his time to volunteer for local community events and tends to his greenery. 

“By day, Cecil is a practicing attorney, and by the weekend, he is doing everything in the village, from planting trees to helping with different events,” said Nelson. “He has a passion for great spaces. His yard-he has transformed it. It looks amazing. I look forward to having you on the Green Commission.”

The board of trustees echoed their support for Porter’s appointment to the Green Commission, welcoming and thanking him for his volunteer work across the village. 

Furthermore, Tristian Shaw, a Flossmoor resident actively involved in the commission since 2017, was appointed as the new Chair of the Flossmoor Green Commission. Shaw has resided in the village for a decade and was the driving force behind the successful Plant the Gem initiative. Eric Turnquest, the current chair, will assume the role of Vice Chair of the Green Commission, providing continued leadership and support to the commission’s endeavors.

The newly appointed members and the existing commission chairs are poised to significantly contribute to the community’s artistic landscape and the preservation of green spaces.

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