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Flossmoor Public Art Commission to acquire new sculpture from international artist

New art will soon grace the streets of Flossmoor. 

The Flossmoor Public Art Commission is adding to its collection after the village board passed a motion on Monday, May 1, to approve exhibiting an original sculpture from artist Nicolas Dubreuille entitled “Sans Titre Ref (366)”, which translates to “without a title.”

Commission Chair Nancy Burrows proposed that the piece be installed on the existing pad in the Argyle traffic circle, which has remained empty since last fall. This high-traffic location will allow residents, commuters, and visitors to enjoy its unique, dynamic nature.

Composed entirely of aluminum and painted a deep shade of purple, the sculpture measures 75 3/5 by 45 7/10 by 51 1/5 inches. A French native, Dubreuille initially planned for the sculpture to be over five meters tall, but condensed it for exhibition. Combining his love of painting with sculpture, Dubreuille incorporates elements of geometry to create a contemporary piece that will be the first of its kind among Flossmoor’s Sculpture Garden Programs. 

“One of the things Dubreuille’s work offers is a combination that almost oscillates between abstraction and figuration,” Burrows said. “You’ll want to attend one of our sculpture walks to learn more about how the piece has elements of a painting and a sculpture; how it is rhythmic, minimalistic, and even pop-art humorous.” 

In order to display “Sans Titre Ref (366),” the commission will enter into a three-year loan agreement and pay an honorarium of $3,000, making it the eighth installment in the rotational collection.

Trustee Joni Bradley-Scott said Flossmoor is expanding its borders to include its first international artist and is excited to add to the community’s sculpture garden. Mayor Michelle Nelson and village board members shared their support for the piece and said they also look forward to the unveiling. 

Founded in 1998, the Flossmoor Sculpture Gardens initiative was started thanks to grants from Illinois FIRST and individual donations. Since then, the Flossmoor Village Board and the Flossmoor Public Art Commission have been committed to bringing a changing collection of sculptures to the village. 

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