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Flossmoor police sweep H-F High after tip about fake bomb threat

Homewood-Flossmoor High School was notified by the Barrington Police Department Wednesday morning that H-F’s phone number was listed among others on a potential list of schools to be targeted with a fake bomb threat on April 19. 

Police reported H-F’s phone number was found on a social media platform that accepts payment of $15-20 to call in a threat. Barrington Police found this information during an investigation into a fake threat that took place in that community on Friday, April 14.

Law enforcement and school officials conducted a security sweep of the H-F facilities Wednesday morning. 

Flossmoor Police reported these actions were taken:

  • Teachers and staff checked classrooms and work areas for anything unusual.
  • The Cook County Sheriff’s Police bomb technician and K9 units assisted with searching the H-F campus for any active threats.
  • On advice of the Cook County Sheriff, the safest place for students is in a classroom that has been checked for safety. 

H-F received a phone threat after the sweep was conducted. 

After police conducted its sweep, as well as reviewing information gathered through the investigation of fake threats across the country and state, it was deemed H-F was safe and the school day could continue as usual. 

There is no active threat to District 233 or the community. Police said an increased law enforcement presence will continue. 

The Flossmoor Police Department reported it is working closely with the school’s administration and Cook County law enforcement to investigate the matter further and will take all appropriate measures to maintain the safety of our schools.

The prepared statement read: “The Flossmoor Police and Fire Departments regularly review safety plans and practice security drills in collaboration with our schools. This is a good reminder that if you see something out of the ordinary, to say something. As more information becomes available, it will be shared with the public.”

In a letter to H-F parents, Superintendent Scott Wakeley said: “We appreciate the support of our staff, students, families and law enforcement. This is a good reminder that if you see something out of the ordinary to say something to a trusted adult. Together, we will work to maintain a safe learning environment for all.”

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