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Districts 153, 161 award teachers tenure

At their April meetings, the school boards of Homewood District 153 and Flossmoor District 161 awarded tenure to outstanding teachers who have completed four years of employment with the districts.

Teachers awarded tenure in District 153: Ashley Daniels-Evans, Churchill School, fifth grade; Angela Foster, Willow School, second grade; Kristen Goesel, Willow School, early childhood educator; Joshua Johnson, James Hart School, sixth grade; Lindsay Lang, Willow School counselor; Antonella Parisi, Willow School, reading specialist; Christina Stevens, Willow School, kindergarten.

Awarded tenure after three years of service in District 153: Wendy Gatewood, Willow School, social worker, and Amy Lewandowski, James Hart School, eighth grade.

Awarded District 153 tenure after teaching in other districts with tenure: Heather Olsen, James Hart School, general music and choir, and Lisa Wendt, Willow School, second grade.

Flossmoor District 161 awarded tenure to 19 teachers who have been working in the district the past four years:

Nicole Anderson, Western Avenue School, first grade; Melanie Bell, Parker Junior High, eighth grade Spanish; Delaney Bingham, Parker, sixth grade Spanish; Benjamin Clark, Parker, band teacher; Laura De Biasio, Heather Hill School, special education resource teacher; Vanessa Duckett, Parker, sixth grade English/Language Arts; Elisabeth Ehlman, Parker, special education resource teacher; Andrew Fine, Flossmoor Hills, second grade; Carrie Gallagher, Heather Hill, math specialist; Jennifer Giffey, Heather Hill, reading specialist.

Emma Hanzelin, Western Avenue, ACE Program; Meaghan Hummel, Parker, sixth grade history; Tina Morris, Western Avenue, fourth grade; Danielle Payne, Flossmoor Hills, first grade; Teresa Piattoni, Flossmoor Hills, special education resource; Ashley Rich, Western Avenue, first grade; Stanley Smith, Parker, eighth grade History; Amy Wagner, Western Avenue, fourth grade;  Alisa Wiedenski, Parker, sixth grade math.

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