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County clerk moves four voting precincts back to Homewood

The Village of Homewood and Mayor Rich Hofeld worked with officials from the Cook County Clerk’s Office to return four voting precincts back to locations in Homewood. During the previous election cycles, the four voting precincts were moved to outside of Homewood’s municipal boundaries.

“There were many concerns expressed to me by residents in these precincts having to go outside of Homewood to vote,” Mayor Rich Hofeld said.  “As a result, we reached out to the Cook County Clerk’s Office, and now the concerned voters will be able to vote in Homewood.”

The four recommended sites had to meet ADA accessibility requirements and have a proximity beneficial to voters.

The Clerk’s Office plans to relocate Rich Township precincts 11, 31, and 34 to The Clubhouse at Dolphin Lake, 2700 W. 183rd St., and Bremen Township precinct 26 to the H-F Racquetball Club, 2920 183rd St.

”The Cook County Clerk’s Office was extremely receptive to the idea of bringing the four voting precincts back to the Homewood community,” Mayor Hofeld said. “This is a perfect example of governments working together.”

The 16 voting precincts located in Homewood include Bloom Township precinct 2 and 40 at Salem Lutheran Church, 18324 Ashland Ave.; Bloom Township precinct 19, 20, 30, and 34 at Winston Churchill School, 1300 190th St.; Thornton Township precinct 24 and 25 at Homewood Public Library, 17917 Dixie Highway; Thornton Township precinct 23 and 67 at the Homewood School District 153 administrative office, 18205 Aberdeen St.; Thornton Township precinct 118 at Freedom Village, 935 Maple Ave.

Residents should check the Cook County Clerk’s Office website find their respective polling place.

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