District 153 honors six staff members with Morin Awards

Six staff members were recognized by the District 153 school board Oct. 11 for their outstanding contributions.

The staff members were presented with the Jerry Morin Educational Excellence Award. The Morin Award is given in honor of former school board member Jerry Morin.

According to Board President Shelly Marks, Morin always had a future vision and was an advocate for hiring and retaining the best and brightest staff in order to maintain the district’s tradition of excellence.

Chris Kovarik, a teacher at Churchill School, was recognized as a role model “and a committed steward and advocate” at Churchill making both students and staff welcomed and part of the school.


Beverly Bulliner is a teaching assistant at Churchill School, and was recognized as an expert at supporting students, teachers and the building’s administration and is sought out for her guidance and support.

Jessica Kors is the school nurse at James Hart School. Kors was recognized for her work in leading the SHIELD COVID-19 testing program, monitoring results, contacting staff and families and staying up-to-date with county, state and federal mandates.

Melissa Campbell, a teacher at James Hart School, is a member of the sixth-grade team teaching English/Language Arts and science.

Campbell was recognized for “being willing to go the extra mile to help her students learn and achieve with fun added in.”

Yolanda Collins, a teacher at Willow School, was recognized for her  teaching abilities and high student engagement.

In addition, Collins serves on the Guiding Coalition and Leadership Team, the District Response Team and the District Math Committee.

Eleanor Yankaway has been a custodian at Willow School for more than 10 years.

Yankaway was recognized as “the backbone of Willow School” who takes on many responsibilities around the building that have positive effects for students and teachers.

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