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Flossmoor to pay $247K to fix deteriorating asphalt with Berry Lane Drainage Improvements

The only action that took place Monday, Aug. 15, during another contentious meeting of the Flossmoor Village Board was the unanimous approval of the consent agenda.

In addition to the usual approval of bills, the board approved the acquisition of a sculpture as well as a contract associated with the Berry Lane Drainage Improvements Project. The latter included a budget amendment of $247,182 that the village will pay for additional paving work on the project.

Public Works Director John Brunke explained in a report to the board that storm sewer work on Maryland Avenue, Oakmont Avenue and Bob O Link Road has been completed, and restoration for that portion of the project is underway, with concrete sidewalk and curb and gutter removal and replacements. 

But following construction of the storm sewer, poor soil conditions caused the asphalt roadway to fall apart. The concrete curb, gutter and sidewalks in the area also deteriorated further because of increased heaving this past winter and disturbance from heavy equipment used in construction, Brunke said. 


The original bid included only the minimum amount of concrete, asphalt patching and resurfacing work, with more concrete and asphalt paving work now needed, according to Brunke.

The Army Corps of Engineers is to pay approximately $250,000 for the additional concrete work needed with project funds originally designated for asphalt and contingency, while the village will cover the $247,182 for asphalt work. The base work is to be completed by Airy’s, while the asphalt will be done by Gallagher Asphalt, according to Brunke.

The cost is to cover removal of the existing stone and dilapidated pavement, restoration of the aggregate base, asphalt binder and asphalt surface, as well as an if need contingency aggregate base undercut. It is to be paid out of the village’s 2021 Streets and Storm Sewer Improvement Fund.

Flossmoor acquires new sculpture

Artist Sam Spiczka’s “Threshold” is to be added to Flossmoor’s rotational sculpture program for three years, after the board went with the Public Art Commission’s recommendation to pay an honorarium of $3,000 to temporarily acquire the piece. It is to be installed on the existing pad on the east side of the Flossmoor Public Library, according to a report to the board by Assistant Village Manager Jonathan Bogue.

Spiczka’s “Orion” has been featured in the Argyle traffic circle for the past three years but is leaving the collection in August, Bogue wrote.

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