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Ivory Lofton celebrates 30 years in the fitness industry

Ivory Lofton, nutritionist and owner of Body By Ivory, a fitness facility, has improved the health and lives of his clients for three decades. For the past 12 years, Lofton has made Homewood his base of operations. 

Ivory Lofton posing with a Body Building Trophy. (Provided photo)

Lofton admits he was always into health and fitness, starting from his days as a student athlete. He played baseball at Tellington College in Austin, Texas, where he suffered a collarbone injury that would chart his path. Weight training was advised to help him heal from the injury. 

From Lofton’s perspective, though he lost the ability to throw baseballs the same, he gained a love of body building. He competed as a body builder during his early 20s, which attracted others to seek advice and training from him.

“It started off that way — training friends and family, and it was something I really enjoyed,” said Lofton. 

Lofton works on the overall physical health of the individual. Some of the services he provides include conditioning training, weight loss, toning, building muscle and competitive training.

As a professional nutritionist, Lofton has helped many conquer their diets. During the pandemic, Lofton increased his meal prep options since he could not meet in person with clients. Over the course of his career, he has provided nutrition for athletes such as Kendall Gill, Dwayne Wade and Eddie Curry, to name a few. 

The cardio room of Ivory Lofton’s facility. (Provided photo)

What is unique about Lofton’s business is that his typical clients are age 40 and older. He helps them overcome health ailments, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and shows clients ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Lofton describes his niche as individual training in a group setting. After the client initially reaches out, Lofton provides a hands-on approach where he directs clients, develops their training program and provides nutritional guidance. 

“I provide a service for everyone on a personal level. I hold them accountable, and I care, so they keep coming back,” said Lofton.

The relationship Lofton has with his clients is reciprocal. Lofton’s support has grown, too. In June, 15 of his clients from ages 38 to 64 represented Body By Ivory in the Chi-Town Natural Showdown fitness competition. Lofton’s team won the overall show. 

For the last 20 years, Lofton has grown his business exclusively through word-of-mouth referrals. 

“I believe if you provide good service to people, they will tell someone,” said Lofton. 

Body By Ivory is at 18659 Dixie Highway in Homewood.  Lofton can be contacted at 708-799-7945, or through Facebook.

Ivory Lofton (center with hat) and few of his clients. (Provided photo)

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