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Park board accepts bids for work at the H-F Ice Arena

The Homewood-Flossmoor Park District board of commissioners approved three contracts for various phases of work to get the H-F Ice Arena, 777 Kedzie Ave. in Flossmoor, back in operation by the end of the year.

The ice arena was shut down in November 2021 when the refrigeration system failed. Despite staff’s best attempts, the dated system couldn’t be repaired. The park board moved immediately to start the process to get a new refrigeration system. 

At a special meeting Tuesday, June 3, commissioners reviewed bids for concrete, masonry, steel, excavation/demolition and site utilities and approved three of the bids. 

The commissioners approved a $2.9 million contract for a new refrigeration system on March 29. It was the first item so that the equipment could be ordered. Staff stripped the old refrigeration system out and the piping was sold to a recycler for $10,756.

“In an effort to expedite the project and reduce lead times, the construction project was broken down into several bid packages,” Debbie Kopas, parks executive director, told commissioners. The bids were reviewed by W.B. Olson, Inc., the construction management services company the park district is working with, and Williams Architects staff helping to with design and engineering services.

The board approved a contract with Elliot Construction for $174,960 for concrete work. This bid was higher than the projected cost, but Kopas said unfavorable soil testing results in the area where the concrete pads will be placed means an additional depth of the concrete is needed, and the installation of piers down to the frost line under the concrete were added.

The board also approved a contract with Lozich Masonry LLC for $169,000. The company will be working on a building being constructed to house the mechanicals for the new refrigeration equipment. 

A third bid was approved for steel for the new building. That work will be done by K & K Iron Works LLC for $93,730.

The park district asked for separate bids for excavation/demolition work and site utilities work. It received only one bid for site utilities work. That was rejected, Kopas said. The park district is re-advertising the work as one package. Commissioners are hoping to receive bids for the work and accept a bid at the board’s June 28 meeting.

The ice arena project is being financed by a $5.5 million 25-year general obligation bond purchased by Capitol One Public Funding LLC with an interest rate of 3.84%.

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