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Flossmoor anthem to be introduced during Zip Code Party on Saturday

Flossmoor now has its own anthem.

Flossmoor, Once More” was written by Flossmoor’s Future President Tom Dobrez. The song will be played publicly for the first time at 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 4, during the Zip Code Party in Flossmoor Park.

Dobrez said he hopes to have QR codes posted throughout the park so people at the festival can use their phones to go to the festival website, where they will find the lyrics and can sing along.

Although he doesn’t expect everyone will sing this first time around, he hopes the song will take root as part of village traditions, and eventually it will be familiar enough that people will be able to raise their voices in tribute to the South Suburbs’ “hidden gem.”

“This is a village to sing about,” he said. “I tried to put some history in there, the neighborhoods are in there and how we really feel about each other.”

Dobrez wrote the lyrics with an eye to bringing the people of the community together to celebrate the village and to inform the world of its charms.

“My hope would be that kids would learn it and sing it at certain events and as a result of that gain an appreciation for all of Flossmoors,” he said. “I am having the song arranged for choirs.”
Dobrez collaborated with a couple of musicians to create the music for the song.

For the music video of the song, Dobrez tapped local videographers Phill Lee, Luke Vanegas, Marcellus Marsh, Josie Bachus and Joe Sullivan, who each agreed to lend clips from some of their work in the village to illustrate what the lyrics are all about.

If Dobrez’ dream comes true, choirs will be singing “Flossmoor, Once More” to open youth baseball seasons, at Flossmoor Fest and any time village residents gather in celebration.

Whether they know all the words, Dobrez hopes everyone will at least join in on the chorus:
A hidden gem named from ancient lore
A beautiful place, we call it Flossmoor
We are proud of each part, so let our song ring
The joys of this city, we stand up and sing
Give it up for our village (give it up for our village)
the one we adore (the one we adore)
Flossmoor, Flossmoor, once more, Flossmoor!

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