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Karyn’s Inner Beauty, a wellness spa opens in Flossmoor Commons

Flossmoor Mayor Michelle Nelson, right, and owner Karyn Calabrese cut the green ribbon to mark the grand opening of Karyn’s Inner Beauty, a wellness spa in Flossmoor Commons. (Photo provided by James Martin)

Karyn’s Inner Beauty, a wellness spa in Flossmoor Commons, officially opened in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, April 13.

The space occupied by Karyn’s Inner Beauty was previously an empty storefront. The spa owner, Karyn Calabrese, also rented the empty storefront next store. While it’s currently unopened, she plans to use the space as a raw food restaurant.

Calabrese is a lifestyle influencer who encourages people to go vegan and eat more raw, prepared food instead of hot, cooked food. On Amazon.com, she’s listed as the author of two books in the Diets & Weight Loss category, both of which are a part of a series titled “Soak Your Nuts.”

“You have no idea how many Flossmoor residents I’ve talked to who used to live in the city who love your food,” Flossmoor Mayor Michelle Nelson said before cutting the green ribbon.

For decades, Calabrese owned raw food restaurants and wellness spas in Chicago. She said she’s opening these locations in Flossmoor because it’s closer to where she lives, and she has clientele who live in the area.

During the grand opening ceremony, attendees helped themselves to raw desserts and other raw foods prepared by Calabrese.

“We have ozone bathing, infrared sauna, hyperbaric chambers, ear candling, massage [and] colon therapy,” Calabrese said, describing the spa.

Karyn’s Inner Beauty sells digestive enzymes, magnesium capsules and other supplements. The store also sells shampoo, conditioner and other beauty products. All of these items are Calabrese’s brand, Karyn’s Kare.

Calabrese described her business as “anti-aging” and “anti-illness.” She said her products and services will keep someone looking younger and healthier.

“I haven’t been sick in 50 years,” Calabrese, who is 75 years old, said.

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