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En route to Flossmoor Commons, The Mommie Experience requests unique liquor license

The owners of a new selfie studio focusing on moms are hoping the Village of Flossmoor will grant them a liquor license to serve wine and cocktails to clients at its soon-to-open space in Flossmoor Commons.

Nicole Johnson, Ladonna Bradford and Kesha Williams-Kimble, partners in The Mommie Experience, presented their plans Monday, March 21, to the Flossmoor Village Board. But village officials are trying to find a way to craft a unique license that would not open the door to bars, which have not been allowed by the village.

The business, to be located at 3327 Vollmer Road, Suite B, features 12 selfie installations with a theme of motherhood. The Mommie Experience would cater to family and friends, but also be open to events such as baby showers, Wine Down Wednesdays and karaoke nights. The business would generally be open to 10 p.m. at the latest, though midnight for some private parties.

“This is a new type of venue,” Johnson told the board.


A report from Village Manager Bridge Wachtel notes no beer would be served on site. The owners initially did not plan to serve food or offer video gaming, but during the meeting Johnson said they are willing to offer a snack bar. The owners added a liquor license is not a deal-breaker but would improve their profits.

Wachtel noted this would be a new class of license for Flossmoor. The big question presented by Village Attorney Kathleen Field Orr was how to classify the business and license as something other than a bar. Flossmoor currently only allows for on-premise consumption when it is associated with a restaurant. Orr asked if it might be tied to service at events only.

“What we want to do is facilitate your business, but we want to make sure we’re not opening Pandora’s box,” Orr said.

Johnson said people book The Mommie Experience in 1-hour time frames, with no more than 20 inside at a time, or for parties. A ticket for the Experience is needed to buy a drink inside.

“No one can walk off the street and just come in and say they want to get a drink,” Johnson said.

Trustee George Lofton asked if it was safe to assume guys are not invited to the Experience, but Johnson said there will be a seasonal area in addition to the regular rooms. There is not a rule against men, but the target market for the business is mothers and other women ages 16 and older, she said.

“We’re not just alienating the men, but it is called The Mommie Experience,” Johnson said.

The item was only presented for discussion. No decision was made on March 21.

Changing chairs
Mayor Michelle Nelson appointed Greg Mitchell as chairperson of the Plan Commission and Mark Mathewson as chairperson of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The village board voted unanimously to consent to the appointments.

Mitchell replaces John Curran, who resigned from the Plan Commission after serving as chairperson. Mitchell had been serving as chairperson of the Zoning Board of Appeals and served as acting chairperson for the Plan Commission before his official appointment. Mathewson replaces Mitchell as chairperson of the Zoning Board of Appeals and will also serve on the Plan Commission.

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