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Measure to address teacher shortage moves from state Senate to House

To help eliminate the teacher shortage in Illinois, state Sen. Patrick Joyce (D-Essex) advanced a measure out of the Senate to increase the number of days substitute teachers may cover for licensed teachers in the classroom.

Joyce represents the 40th District, which includes Flossmoor.

Senate Bill 3893 cleared the Senate and advances to the House for further consideration.

“This measure will help our superintendents deal with the ongoing teacher shortage,” Joyce said. “This legislation allows substitutes to stay in the same classroom for longer, giving students more consistency.”


Currently, Illinois law allows substitute teachers to cover for a licensed teachers for up to 90 days. Joyce’s measure would increase the amount of days substitute teachers can stay in the classroom to 120.

The measure helps keep substitute teachers in the same classroom, instead of having to teach lessons they are less familiar with after 90 days.

There are currently 4,120 unfilled positions in Illinois schools, including administrative, school support personnel and teaching positions.

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