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Letter: Neighbor opposes possible Leavitt Park update

This is reference to Leavitt Park article. My wife and I live in the neighborhood and find this to be a awful idea. We moved here because Flossmoor is a sleepy little town with great homes and history that doesn’t need change.

The park is used for moms with young kids to play in, not a hang out for teenagers. They should be in after-school programs. If people are complaining about them that means they are causing problems and the park should be patrolled by the police.

Expanding the park is not the solution. It’s time parents took responsibility for their teenage kids. This will only create crime in our neighborhood and raise taxes. We pay enough taxes to live here. We don’t need more.

This idea should be shut down before it starts. Someone doesn’t care about the teenagers, it’s about the almighty buck they can make. I will rally against this. I foresee big problems with this.

Norman Badile

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