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Homewood board approves Class 8 incentives for two Halsted businesses

The Homewood village board approved property tax incentives for a pair of businesses this week.

The Saucy Crab at 17620 S. Halsted St., formerly Roberto’s Clothing, was approved for a Class 8 Cook County property tax incentive. Owner Ji Yi Qui has renovated the property, which was vacant. The restaurant is expected to open soon.

Another Class 8 was renewed for a property at 17510 S. Halsted. Home Plate Properties was originally given an incentive in 2010. The property is currently occupied by Buffalo Wild Wings and Dollar Tree. 

With a Class 8 incentive, property is assessed at 10 percent of market value for 10 years, 15 percent for the 11th year and 20 percent for the 12th year. It can be and usually is renewed in the 10th year or later. 


The incentive is aimed at attracting businesses to Cook County instead of collar countries or Indiana, where property taxes are lower. 

In other business, a 12-month contract with Springfield lobbyist Al Ronan was renewed. Homewood pays Ronan’s firm $3,000 per month.

The budget for legal services related to Calumet Country Club’s petition to disconnect from Homewood was increased to $100,000. 

The original budget of $35,000 was amended by staff to $50,000 in November. Actual legal fees totaled $70,928 at the end of 2020, according to village documents. The $100,000 figure is intended to cover expenses through the end of the fiscal year in April.

The board also approved $100,000 in motor fuel tax funds to be spent on rock salt. A purchase of a manhole repair and removal tool from Alta Equipment of Orland Park was also approved for $24,760.

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