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Homewood Family Video closing as company falls victim to pandemic


Homewood’s Family Video at 2000 183rd St. will be closing soon as the company shutters all of its nearly 250 stores, according to a statement on Sunday from owner Keith Hoogland. 

Hoogland cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the cause for the move, noting the reduction in foot traffic to stores and the dramatic slowdown in movie production “pushed us to the end of an era.”

The sign at the corner of Dixie Highway and 183rd Street notifies customers that Family Video will be closing. (Eric Crump/H-F Chronicle)

The chain outlasted other video rental chains by a decade as many consumers migrated to streaming services.

“My proudest moments are those where our employees … and customers came together to support the community through grassroots events, report card successes, holiday meal donations and the support of lymphoma research and education,” Hoogland said.


According to the company website, stores will remain open until products are sold. 

Stores are selling video inventory, snacks and furnishings. Store hours will be noon to 8 p.m. seven days per week.

The last day for rentals was Wednesday, Jan. 6. 

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