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Letter: Visitor appreciates Homewood’s good vibe

I wanted to share something wonderful that happened recently in Homewood.

It was a Thursday evening in late August. My dad and I were sitting on our front porch on Ridge Road. A gentleman walked past on the sidewalk and we waved and he waved – nothing new.  A little while later, as he walked back toward downtown, he came up to the porch, and said that he just had to stop and say “thank you.”  

He told us he was from out-of-town. He was driving cross-country and that he likes to periodically get out and walk around in towns he’s passing through. He could not say enough about the positive vibe he was getting from Homewood.  

He mentioned that just on his short walk he was noticing all of the diversity here, and how lovely the homes and front yards are, and the Black Lives Matter signs, the “Hate has no home here” signs and other supportive signs that many homes proudly displayed.  He mentioned how friendly everyone was that he had come across, and he said he was genuinely grateful for all of that.  He said it actually made him feel a little better about the state of the world right now to know that there are places like this community still out there.  

My dad and I thanked him sincerely for sharing that with us.  I’m passing along this gentleman’s message of gratitude to all Homewood residents who make this a friendly, supportive and diverse community, and particularly to those of you who choose to put in the hard work of making our hometown better in your own way every day.  Whether it’s showing your support on your front lawn, or greeting strangers with a smile, or bringing the community together at a shared event (I miss those!), you make this town a warm and welcoming place to live.  And people who come here notice.  Thank you.

Andrea Tucker

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