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Vaccination progress (full doses):

South District Suburban Region State




Region 10 (includes H-F)

Positive test rate: 5.2% ↓
Consecutive days under 8% test positivity: 92

Consecutive days ICU beds UNDER 20% threshold: 10 (19%)

Days of COVID-19 patient decreases or stable: 187 (30+ days of increases)

(Source: IDPH. Updated April 19)


Cases: 1,632 (+4)
(since the pandemic began)
Deaths: 52
Case rate: 84.46 per 1,000 people
Case trend: +61% 
(past 2 weeks compared to previous 2 weeks)


Cases: 775 (+5) 
(since the pandemic began)
Deaths: 15 
Case rate: 81.89 per 1,000 people
Case trend: +28% ↓
(past 2 weeks compared to previous 2 weeks)

Source: Cook County Department of Public Health (Updated April 22)

Suburban Cook County

Cases: 236,105
Deaths: 4,220
927,233 (People with at least 1 vaccine dose)
538,695 (People who have completed vaccine series)
40.7% (Percentage of population with at least 1 dose)
23.7% (Percentage of population fully vaccinated)
Source: Cook County Public Health (Updated April 22)

Cook County

Cases: 522,552
Source: Johns Hopkins University & Medical Center Coronavirus Resource Center (Updated April 20)
Deaths: 10,240

Source: Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office (Updated April 22)


New cases today: 3,170
New deaths today: 33
Vaccination (percent of state population): 28.04%
Total vaccine doses received: 10,581,985
Total vaccine doses administered: 8,473,953
7-day rolling average of doses administered: 123,078

New tests today: 88,336
Positive test rate: 3.8% 
Total cases: 1,312,722
Total deaths: 21,755
Recovery rate: 98%
(Source: IDPH. Updated April 22)

This graph shows the state’s progress in receiving and administering COVID-19 vaccines. The scale on the right is the measure of vaccine doses received. The scale on the left is the measure of doses administered and the seven-day rolling average of administered doses.

This graph shows trends in cases (the dark line) and deaths (the gold bars) in Illinois since the beginning of the year. The two reports are at different scales but show the trajectories in each category. The scale for cases (thousands) is on the right. The scale for deaths (hundreds) is on the left.

This graph shows state hospitalizations (the blue line), the number of people in intensive care units (ICU, the yellow bars) and the number of people on ventilators (green bars) since the beginning of the year.

This graph shows the trends for daily new cases in Illinois since the pandemic began.


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