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Homewood closes Halsted business corridor as precaution against looters

Homewood implements a business curfew in response to reports that there have been efforts to incite looting in the South Suburbs. Violence overnight in Chicago resulted in injured police officers and more than 100 arrests. 


Public works vehicles are used Monday morning to block secondary entrances to business centers on Halsted Street as village officials implemented a business curfew in response to overnight violence in Chicago and reports that looting could spread to the surburbs. (Eric Crump/H-F Chronicle)

Chicago saw violence and looting during overnight hours, with more than a dozen police officers injured and more than 100 people arrested. Homewood officials began closing down the Halsted Street business corridor early Monday as a precaution against the possibility that looting could spread into the South Suburbs.

Businesses were still open Monday morning, but public works vehicles and barricades were placed across secondary entrances to business centers. 

Village Manager Jim Marino said businesses are being notified that the village recommends they close at 1 p.m. The ramps on and off Interstate 80/294 at Halsted also will be closed until further notice.

Marino said the situation is similar to the May 31 business curfew. In that case, looting occurred in nearby communities, including Country Club Hills and Lansing. This time, there have been no reports of looting in the area, but Marino said there have been indications of social media posts attempting to incite violence in the suburbs. 

Village officials will monitor the situation and make a determination Tuesday morning whether the curfew needs to continue.

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