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Cannabis-infusion business gets green light in Homewood

A cannabis infusing business passed a hurdle on the path to opening in Homewood after the village board approved a zoning amendment Tuesday.

The village board approved the amendment 4-2 with Trustees Larry Burnson and Karen Washington voting against the measure. Burnson, a former Homewood police chief, also voted against allowing recreational marijuana sales in the village last October.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will issue up to 40 cannabis infusion licenses by July 1 and potentially more later. 

Cannabis infusion is a process of transferring the aroma, flavor or intoxicating effect of marijuana into another product that is usually edible. 


An infuser may only sell or distribute cannabis to a dispensing organization, not directly to the public, and is subject to random inspections by the Illinois Departments of Agriculture and Public Health, as well as the state police.

Chicago-based Sweet Sensi applied for a cannabis infusion license for a location at 1133 W. 175th St. The zoning amendment passed Tuesday allows one business to infuse cannabis in that district. It’s the only area in Homewood where an infuser can be located.

According to village documents, Sweet Sensi is considering an infusion method that would involve heating from cooking and equipment sanitation. Special ovens used are sealed to prevent odor from escaping. An existing air exchange module on the property will be upgraded to help clean the air of impurities and odor.

The business has plans for extraction in the building, as well. Currently, only cultivation centers and craft growers are currently allowed to extract cannabis concentrate. Extraction licenses could be available next year. A new zoning amendment would need to be passed, should that application be approved.

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