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Coping with COVID-19, 2nd edition

Governor cautions that April 30 is not likely to see an “all clear” announcement. Homewood Disposal alerts families with a COVID-19-infected member on how to dispose of recycleable material and discarded PPE. Maple Tree Inn announces Easter dinner takeout special.

Signs of hope, continued caution. At the daily briefing on Thursday, Gov. J.B. Pritzker noted that a slowing of the rate of new cases is a sign of hope but not a signal that physical distancing measures will end soon. “The curve is still in upward trajectory. Just because we’re bending the curve does not mean we’re bending it down yet,” Pritzker said. “As we approach April 30 we’ll be thinking about what are the rules we’ll need to set going forward. It isn’t going to be that you’re going to drop the restrictions. If you do that, we’ll see a big spike upward.” April 30 is when the current stay-home order expires. 

Recycling/trash disposal for households with COVID-19. Homewood Disposal advises that households where a family member has been infected with COVID-19 should securely bag all recyclable material and place it in the trash/refuse cart. Homewood Disposal’s recycling processing center employs many “hands-on” sorters who could be exposed to the virus if potentially infected material is recycled. Homeowners are encouraged to begin recycling once the virus is no longer present by placing unbagged recyclables in their recycling cart/bins. All PPE equipment and COVID-19 related cleaning supplies must be bagged and placed in the trash/refuse cart. PPE material, such as rubber and plastic gloves, masks, and glasses, are not recyclable. Cleaning supplies include all disposable wipes, paper towels, tissues and all material used in the prevention of COVID-19. 

Easter meal takeout. Maple Tree Inn owners announced Wednesday that the
they will offer pre-ordered family meals for carry-out on Easter Sunday, April 12, at 18849 Dixie Highway. Call 708-388-3461 by 7:30 p.m. Friday to order. Pickup times will be from noon to 2 p.m. on Sunday. Options include Easter dinner staples such as Leg of Lamb, prime rib and beef brisket. “With Easter, hope springs eternal for families gathering after the winter months,” said owner Erich Wennberg. “In these extraordinary times, families will still gather in the comfort and safety of their homes. Each day of this pandemic is another reminder of how precious life is.”


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