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Coping with COVID: March 24

Good night, Wildcats. Willow School teachers are posting bedtime stories online to help teachers and students stay in contact. On Sunday night, Principal Melissa Lawson led the way by reading the classic children’s book, “Goodnight Moon.”

Meals on two wheels. Redbird Cafe and Goodspeed Cycles are teaming up to bring Redbird meals to Homewood and Flossmoor families by bicycle. Starting today, customers can get a bike delivery for $2. All fees collected during his time of “shelter in place” will go toward a lost wages fund for Redbird servers who are currently unable to work because of the state’s ban on dine-in restaurant service.

COVID-19 can’t stop the census: Take the census online in the comfort of your semi-quarantined home. Visit the response page to see how well Homewood and Flossmoor are doing. 
The coronavirus isn’t alive. That’s why it’s so hard to kill.” The Washington Post offers a very accessible explanation of what viruses are, how they work and how SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19) is similar and different than other viruses, including its strengths and weaknesses. 

Drivers license offices are closed. All Illinois Secretary of State offices and Driver Service facilities are closed to the public through April 7, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Expiration dates for driver’s licenses, identification (ID) cards, vehicle registrations and other transactions and document filings will be extended 30 days after Driver Services Facilities reopen. Click here for details. 

Don’t wash your hands and get in a germy car. Germs and bacteria build up on high-touch surfaces such as steering wheels, door handles and seat belts without regular cleaning. Yet, a survey by CarRentals.com reported 32 percent of people clean the inside of their vehicles only once a year, while another 12 percent say they never clean the inside of their car. Here are some handy tips, especially now that we are all conscious of the need to be eliminating germs:
DO: Carry a packet of disinfecting wipes and frequently clean common touchpoints such as the steering wheel, door handles, seat belts and buckles, keys and fobs, window button, radio and climate control buttons, and more. Soap and water will also work well.
DON’T: Eat in the car. Even the smallest particle left in the car can become a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly in a warm, enclosed environment.
DO: Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and use it every time you enter the car. This is an especially important practice after touching a pump handle and buttons at a gas station.
DON’T: Use any kind of bleach or hydrogen peroxide on your vehicle’s interior. Both will kill germs but can damage the vinyl and plastics used in most modern cars. Do not use any ammonia-based cleaning products, as the ammonia breaks down the vinyl on the dashboard, making it sticky when subjected to heat and light.
Source: 919 Marketing

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