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Chevrolet of Homewood owner announces winner of Christmas car giveaway

Chevrolet of Homewood owner Steve Phillipos announced Friday the winner of this year’s Homewood Chevy Cares new car giveaway. 

In a live social media video, Phillipos called Jeannette Farris to inform her that her family would receive the new car on Christmas Eve.

“We’ve had over 400 submissions from people with stories,” Phillipos said before making the call. “It was very, very tough for us to pick a winner.”

When he got Jeannette Farris on the line, Philliopos told her, “I want to congratulate you because we voted for you. You’re the winner of our 2019 car giveaway.”

After learning the news, Farris thanked Phillipos.

She and her husband, Anthony Farris, have three children, and two of them suffer from epilepsy and complications from a rare genetic disorder. 

In the video they submitted to take part in the car giveaway program, Jeannette described the boys’ condition and the extensive treatment they require. The family’s high mileage car has a number of problems, so they hoped to win the Chevrolet Sonic in order to have reliable transportation for their care.

They plan to seek help from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, starting early in February.

The car will be presented to the family on Christmas Eve at the dealership on Halsted Street in Homewood.


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