Dunnings AS Aug 12-Sept 12 2019

Homewood Fourth of July parade canceled. In his weekly video update, Homewood Mayor Richard Hofeld announced Friday that the traditional Independence Day parade has been canceled. The parade typically attracts thousands of participants and spectators, who line Ridge Road for the event. “We don’t want to take any chances with people in the crowds or in the parade standing next to one another,” Hofeld said. “The main thing is, stay well. We’ll get through this.” The decision is consistent with current state emergency orders that limit gatherings to 10 or fewer people. 

Hofeld also announced that garage sales are canceled for the same reason.

Veteran interviews. The Memorial Day parade in Homewood has been canceled because of the pandemic. In lieu of the traditional event, the village of Homewood has resurrected a special edition of “Here’s Homewood” in which Mayor Richard Hofeld interviews local veterans. The two-hour video special was recorded a number of years ago. Hofeld said the World War II veterans and many of the Korean War veterans he interviewed have since died. The video serves as a way to keep their stories alive. 

Face coverings, yes. Gloves, no. The problem with wearing gloves to protect against COVID-19 infection is that gloves are about the same as bare hands in terms of spreading the virus unless they are used the way healthcare professionals do: Wash hands before and after wearing gloves, remove gloves and dispose of them properly after each potential contact with the virus. PolitiFact has an article that explains why gloves aren’t a good idea. 

Money for COVID-19 testing: Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Ill., announced a $1.02 million grant is being awarded to Aunt Martha’s of Olympia Fields for coronavirus testing at its 23 locations, and to expand the use of telehealth technology for increased access to health services. Aunt Martha’s will initiate targeted outreach campaigns to educate and connect high-risk minority populations to integrated primary care, behavioral health and supportive services.

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