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Gov. Pritzker signs bill to create Property Tax Relief Task Force

With the goal of convening lawmakers to discuss their policy ideas to reduce local reliance on property taxes, Gov. JB Pritzker signed a new law on Friday, Aug. 2, creating the Property Tax Relief Task Force.
“This bipartisan, bicameral property tax task force will review the entirety of our property tax system, study best practices in other states and make short- and long-term recommendations by the end of the year,” Pritzker said. “Together, we’ll ensure our children receive the quality education they deserve even while we provide more property tax relief for our homeowners and make our system more fair for everyone.”
Using a racial and economic equity lens, the task force will analyze the drivers of increasingly burdensome property taxes across Illinois and present a suite of short- and long-term solutions to provide relief for homeowners. Serving without compensation, the task force will be made up of members appointed by the governor and four legislative leaders. 
An initial report outlining administrative, electoral and legislative changes is due to the governor’s office and General Assembly within 90 days, and the task force will complete its work and submit its final report by Dec. 31.
The Governor’s appointees to the task force are Emily Miller, first assistant deputy chief of staff for policy, and Cameron Mock, chief of staff of the governor’s Office of Management and Budget and senior fiscal advisor to Deputy Governor Daniel Hynes.

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