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Letter: Woman credits Planned Parenthood for helping with a difficult decision

In light of the abortion restriction laws being passed in a number of states, Flossmoor had opened a pregnancy care center with only pro-life options called Aid for Women. 

“Aid for Women is what Jimenez calls a life-affirming pregnancy center, one that does not perform abortions.” (HF Chronicle, 2019) This is in opposition to the Planned Parenthood the has been open next door.

There has been a report by the Illinois Department of Public Health of 21,288 induced pregnancy terminations in Cook County, where the Village of Flossmoor resides. Of these, 912 are women age 15 to 17 and 12,139 are between the ages of 18 and 24. (IDPH, 2019)


As a young mom, I was frightened and unaware of all the services that were available to me. I did not know whether or not my pregnancy was viable or if I would be capable to carry a child to term and then be able to have resources to raise my baby. 

I did go to Planned Parenthood, where I was able to speak to a counselor and nurses regarding my options and the health of my pregnancy. 

After receiving services from Planned Parenthood, I made the decision to carry my pregnancy to term and raise my child. Through them I was able to network with resources that would be able to help me further on my journey of becoming a mother.

Illinois is a state that is fighting to pass an abortion rights bill, the Reproductive Health Act, that will allow safe and legal abortions within the state. (Chicago Tribune, 2019)* 

Aid for Women is meant to be a place where women facing pregnancy can come for counseling and assistance, while Planned Parenthood offers the same services in addition to abortion. The unnecessary competition could cause even more problems for young women who want to make the decision on what they would like to do with their bodies. 

As a community that prides itself on diversity, there should not be competing
facilities that have the same mission in mind. Moreover, we should continue to empower a woman’s decision and provide a single united front.

Heaven Allen

* Note: The Reproductive Health Act was approved by the Illinois legislature on June 1. This letter was submitted prior to the final vote.

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