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Flossmoor election board removes newcomer Bruni from ballot

David Bruni’s name was officially removed from the April election ballot Tuesday when the Flossmoor Electoral Board took final action to sustain two out of five objections to his petition.
Village Attorney Kathleen Field-Orr read a written report at the Jan. 22 meeting on why Bruni was removed from the ballot before the decision was unanimously approved by the board, which consists of Mayor Paul Braun, Trustee Philip Minga and Village Clerk Joni Bradley-Scott.
Bruni, a first-time candidate for village trustee, said he is still contemplating running as a write-in candidate for one of three four-year terms up for election. He will have until Jan. 30 to make his decision, he said.
“Being a write-in candidate is not easy,” he said. “I will have to weigh my options.”
Bruni described his attitude as being “in it to win it” and said he would consider the amount of community support he has in his decision moving forward.
Bruni said he is disappointed that his name will not appear on the ballot because he wants the people of Flossmoor to have a choice on election day, but he understands his mistakes and respects the board’s decision.
Trustees James Mitros and Perry Hoag filed the objections to Bruni’s petitions, which the electoral board reviewed and took action on during two hearings.
On Jan. 2, the board voted to uphold an objection that Bruni’s petitions were not properly bound and overruled other objections.
However, Hoag requested that the board reconsider the objection that Bruni’s petitions were not numbered, and the board sustained it during a reconvened hearing Jan. 18.
The objection challenging 11 of the names on Bruni’s petition was overruled after a record check with the Cook County Clerk determined six of those names were valid and that Bruni met the required number of signatures. 
The other overruled objections were that Bruni’s petitions described the elections as “general” instead of “consolidated” and that Bruni only put his zip code on the petitions instead of his full address.

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