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Baby’s warm milk on a backyard burner

Once a few years ago when the power was out in Flossmoor, Gregg and Kristen Beglau didn’t have any way to warm milk for their baby, Anabella. Their neighbors, Ed and Trish Ladner, offered up their propane grill.

“He had a burner on the grill, so we would heat up baby milk on the burner on the grill,” Gregg Beglau said, laughing.

The Ladners also loaned them an extra refrigerator when the Beglaus’ broke down and needed to be replaced. They had to keep Anabella’s milk cold that time.

It was five years ago when Gregg and Ed initially met. Before the Beglaus moved into their new home, they were having some work done on their new house while they wrapped up things at the Park Forest home they were leaving.

Then the snow set in. With Kristen six months pregnant with Anabella, the task of shoveling fell to Gregg. He wanted to clear the driveway, walkway and porch for his workers.

“It was a particularly snowy winter,” Gregg said. “I felt the responsibility to go over and shovel it because we had people working there.”

Many times when he pulled up to the Flossmoor house, the snow had already been shoveled from the porch, walkway and driveway he shares with the Ladners.

“A lot of times I would catch him shoveling, and that’s how we met,” Gregg said. “Over the years, we’ve gotten to be pretty good friends.”

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