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Queen of hearts raffle approved for Glenwood Academy, 5th Quarter

Homewood officials approved a license for a Queen of Hearts raffle beginning this month to benefit Glenwood Academy.
The village board approved the license at its Nov. 13 meeting. It includes an extension of Homewood’s usual 90-day maximum to a one-year term. It also raises the maximum prize value from $5,000 to $2 million.
Queen of Hearts raffles have become a popular fundraiser in the Chicago area. 

A raffle board includes 54 numbered cards, a full deck plus two jokers. Participants buy a ticket and choose a number. One ticket is chosen at random in a weekly drawing and that ticket number is opened on the board. If the queen of hearts is revealed, the ticket buyer wins the prize. If any other card is behind that number, the pot rolls over for another week.

Glenwood Academy’s raffle will award $20 for every weekly winner, plus $100 if a queen of another suit is revealed, $100 for an ace and $250 for a joker. The first pot will start with $1,000.
Tickets will be sold for $1 and drawings will be held Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at Fifth Quarter and Press Room Eatery at 18105 Dixie Highway. The raffle has the potential to roll over through November 2019 and create a seven-figure prize. 
Glenwood Academy will split the pot with the winner. The first drawing will be Nov. 28.
The school originally brought the raffle to the board in October. Trustees asked them to obtain a fidelity bond to insure the prize money.
Glenwood Academy will be getting that bond from The Horton Insurance Group, according to village documents. 
The village also wanted Homewood police to assess any potential issues caused by the large crowds that could be drawn by the raffle. The approved ordinance allows the village manager the ability to revoke the license if the police determine the raffle is putting too much of a burden on the village. 

This will be the second queen of hearts raffle in the H-F area. The Homewood-Flossmoor High School Foundation got a license from Flossmoor to run a raffle benefiting programs at the high school and the Flossmoor Service League. It has been ongoing at Wiley’s Grill since mid-September.


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