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Vice District Brewing open for business

Vice District Brewing, the newest microbrewery in the H-F area, is reopened.

As of Friday, Nov. 9, the code violations that forced its closure have been corrected and the brewery is back up and running.

Brewery owner Curtis Tarver is looking forward to an active clientele at the craft brewery at 18022 Dixie Highway.

The village of Homewood gave the business a conditional occupancy permit that allowed Vice District Brewing to officially open Aug. 31. Then on Oct. 26, the village pulled the permit because plumbing and fire suppression code issues were not corrected.

“It was a huge blow to us as we have had two incredibly slow months revenue wise at our Homewood location,” Tarver said. “We’re hopeful that traffic will pick up, especially after having to expend so much money within such a short time after opening.”

The microbrewery’s primary location is at 1454 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago.
Homewood Village Manager Jim Marino confirmed Friday that the building had been brought up to code and was cleared to reopen.
“I cannot speak to the specifics of the work. I know whatever was asked by the village we had done. My understanding is that it related to plumbing and a sprinkler valve,” Tarver said. “It cost us well (north) of $20,000. I know that because I have to sign the checks.”
Tarver said he’d originally planned to only have a production facility in Homewood, but the village requested Vice District include a taproom. That addition allowed Vice District to qualify for a Class 8 tax incentive. The village also provided a $100,000 incentive to help offset the cost of the buildout. 

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