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Homewood trustees will hold a special board meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 18, to discuss a developer’s proposal to convert Calumet Country Club into a trucking center.

In December 2018, Diversified Partners CRE, a developer headquartered in Arizona, approached the village with a plan to develop a trucking facility at the northwest corner of Dixie Highway and 175th Street, which includes 116 acres in Homewood and 12 acres are in Hazel Crest. 

The current proposal calls for several distribution center buildings with loading docks and parking for tractor-trailer trucks. The facility is expected to result in more than 300 trucks entering and exiting the facility every day. 

The developer has started proceedings to disconnect the land from Homewood to move forward with the project. 


Village officials met with the developer over the past eight months as the plans changed from a low intensity use to a higher one. The village and the developer reached a point where they were unable to agree on a mutually acceptable development.

Last week, the country club owners filed a petition in the Circuit Court of Cook County seeking to disconnect the land from Homewood. Their intent is to annex into the adjoining village of Hazel Crest because they believe that Hazel Crest may be willing to support this type of development.  

The process to disconnect the Homewood portion of the property could take 18 to 24 months. Homewood has the opportunity to argue that the court should deny the disconnection petition, but the law usually favors landowners.

Homewood can decide whether it should challenge the disconnection petition, accept the disconnection or re-engage the developer to seek a mutually suitable development. 

If the land were annexed into Hazel Crest, Homewood would have no control over the development and its impact on the community. If the land remained in Homewood, the Village and its citizens would retain some ability to mitigate the impacts of this use.

At the meeting, the village will present the developer’s proposed plans and explain the impacts of the use along with the village’s options.

Trustees meet in the board room of village hall, 2020 Chestnut Road.

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