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New phone system approved for H-F High

The District 233 school board approved a contract with Rival5 for a new phone system for Homewood-Flossmoor High School. 
The agreement includes $54,900 in equipment purchases of more than 300 phones on campus, and a five-year service contract. The $6,000 per month fee is higher than the $4,000 H-F has been paying, but Gary Posing, director of information services, said that cost is higher when he factors in the district’s additional monthly costs for add-ons to the current system. 
The Rival5 system also has several features not available on its current system, including the ability to make security calls into individual classrooms.
Phone systems typically last 10 years, but H-F’s system is nearly 14 years old, Posing said.
In other business, the board amended its rules on tobacco use on campus or at extracurricular athletic, academic and other events. The new rule includes the prohibition of e-cigarettes, or vaping.  Tobacco as cigarettes, cigars, or tobacco in any form, including smokeless tobacco or tobacco in any form that can be used in the mouth is strictly prohibited.
The board approved a $110,689 contract with the School Employees Loss Fund, a self-funding pool of 84 school districts to cover risk management claims.
At the suggestion of Mark Sheahan, interim business manager, the board agreed to hire Financial Recovery of Extra Expense, Inc. to conduct an audit of the accounts payable books. Sheahan said about $81 million in bills goes through the office and with bills coming in as faxes, letters, email, etc. a double payment is possible. The firm will receive 50 percent of the overpayment they are able to collect. If the firm recovers more than $100,000, their percentage will decrease.

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