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Flossmoor trustees OK language for pickup truck parking referendum

Flossmoor trustees have approved language for the advisory referendum on whether to change the village’s long-standing truck parking ban ordinance.

Voters on Nov. 6 will consider whether the truck parking prohibition, which is part of the village’s zoning ordinance, should remain in place. Flossmoor’s zoning law specifies that personal pickup trucks “may only be parked in an enclosed garage.”

The official verbiage asks Flossmoor voters what they think about the village’s nationally-known ban of pickup trucks on residential driveways.

The question will appear as follows: “Should the Village of Flossmoor consider permitting a Class B truck or van (8,000 pounds or less) or a vehicle with speciality plates of a similar size as a Class B vehicle to park on a residential driveway so long as the vehicle is not used for commercial purposes?”
Because it is an advisory referendum, the result is not legally binding but will be a way for trustees to gauge residents’ opinions. Residents have been divided on the issue. Some declare it is what makes Flossmoor special. Others say trucks today are family vehicles just like sedans and SUVs.
For the ordinance to be removed from code, the village board would have to refer the matter to the Zoning Board of Appeals for consideration. That board would make a recommendation and send it back to the village board for final approval.
Village Manager Bridget Wachtel clarified the types of vehicles that would be allowed if the law were changed and offered some visual examples. 
Trustees questioned whether some vehicles used for commercial purposes, especially vans, might get around the rules because they lack exterior signage. 
Wachtel agreed, “Vans are where it gets tricky.” Ultimately, trustees approved the wording.

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