Panio Law LB July 2018

Homewood will hire part-time police officers after the village board approved the measure last month.
In a memo, Police Chief Bill Alcott said the department currently has “reserve” officers. But those officers do not have arrest powers. The new part-time officers will have arrest powers for special assignments and on extra patrols in the village’s business district.

Deputy Police Chief Denise McGrath said part-time officers would have the same authority as full-time ones. 

Part-time officers won’t replace full-time ones, just supplement them, Alcott said. The ordinance does not limit the number of part-time officers, but Alcott said in his memo to Village Manager Jim Marino that he would hire up to three.

McGrath said the department had no timetable set to make hires but the ordinance allows them the ability, if needed. 

Part-time officers will be allowed to work limited hours and will need to be trained according to Illinois police regulations. They must be 21 years old, pass physical and psychological tests, have at least 60 college credit hours, a valid driver’s license, no felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions “involving moral turpitude” and pass a background check.
Any applicant with a military background would have to be honorably discharged.
Part-time officers are under the chief’s disciplinary discretion and can be fired with or without cause. The village will budget $25,000 for the positions. 

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