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Homewood police to issue tickets for late stickers after Aug. 1

Homewood residents have until Aug. 1 to make their vehicle stickers current and avoid additional late fees and other penalties.

Trustees approved an ordinance at the village board meeting July 10 that grants police authority to begin ticketing.

The village began selling and renewing stickers on April 1. Residents are required to purchase vehicle stickers before May 31. That deadline has been extended to Aug. 1, but now includes a $25 late fee. 
The village began mailing letter the week of July 9 to car owners who missed the first deadline. Those letters will include a renewal application. 
After Aug. 1, Homewood police will begin issuing citations to vehicles without current stickers. Those citations will come through the mail. 
Car owners getting tickets will need to appear in court, pay the $25 late fee and potentially be subject to additional fines. 
Homewood periodically receives a vehicle registry from the Illinois Secretary of State. But those records can sometimes differ from the village’s own, Village Manager Jim Marino said, because some car owners don’t know they need to notify the secretary of state that they no longer own the vehicle. A VIN number check can clear up any discrepancies, Police Chief Bill Alcott said. 
“If they don’t own a vehicle, that’s fine. They just need to provide proof to the village,” Marino said. “We’ll take that off their record for us and they certainly won’t be issued a citation.”
Marino said the letter includes information on how to prove a vehicle’s ownership has been transferred.
Earlier in the meeting, the board approved the disbursement of $221,912 in tax increment financing (TIF) funds leftover from an expired district. 
The Central Business District TIF was set up in the downtown area in 1977 and dissolved in 2014. An audit of the fund was done by the accounting firm Lauterbach and Amen showing the surplus that should be sent to the Cook County Treasurer’s Office and divided among all Homewood taxing bodies.

This story originally stated that the TIF districted ended in 1999. The correct expiration is in 2014. 

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