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Magnets, old screws and silverware.  
Kids got to play and design with old bits of metal, learn how metal is recycled and the properties of various metals at the Homewood Science Center’s “Metal Mania” Pop-Up Science Program on Saturday, June 9.
Professor John Sowa of Governors State University dressed in top hat and lab coat to present himself as a science magician who worked with magnets. Young and old were fascinated by his presentation. He had volunteers checking out the magnetic pull of small disks and then dropping them in tubes to see how the magnets interact with other metals.

A presentation by Homewood Disposal gave insights into how magnets help the company separate cans and other metals as they move down conveyers. 

A representative of Gaby Iron & Metal Co. of Chicago Heights had a full display of metal, from copper wire to faucets, to show kids how metal is necessary for everyday use in their homes. 

If you were into the periodic table, Tom Lambert of TSI Incorporated (Trust Science Innovation) could help you identify the various metals using his metal analyzer machine.

For those with the creative spirit, trays of bolts, screws and other bits of metal were side-by-side with old silverware, giving plenty of selections for making hands-on projects, such as wind chimes. 
And everyone was able to join in the outdoor art project. Parents and kids took magnets and struck them on colorful pop-top lids, then added them to metal drums for a display of hand-made art.

The next Pop-Up Science program will be “The Science of Healthy Food Choices” from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on July 14.  Information about this and other programs at the center are at homewoodsciencecenter.org.

Photos by Marilyn Thomas/H-F Chronicle

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