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Flossmoor police academy can provide a life-changing experience

The stories are always positive, says Flossmoor Police Chief Michael Pulec.
Graduates of Flossmoor’s Citizens Police Academy (CPA) usually have stories about their experiences during the 12-week program, Pulec said. And he’s heard a number of them.
Enrollment is underway through Dec. 31 for the next Citizens Police Academy, which begins in January.
Pulec said he spoke to one CPA graduate, an elderly woman, following the most recent program earlier this year.
“She approached me and said she was always intimidated by the police in general,” he said. “She had not had any negative contacts with the police, but based her perception on the media and television.”
After attending the CPA class — and meeting Flossmoor officers on a personal basis — the woman had a change of heart, Pulec said.
“She now feels comfortable around the police and is no longer intimidated,” he said. 
Other CPA grads say the course gave them a new perspective on issues in law enforcement, and what the police encounter on a regular basis.
“With more than 20 people in class from different backgrounds, the CPA opens up communication, smart questions and sometimes debates when it comes to law enforcement today,” Pulec said.
The Citizens Police Academy is open, free of charge, to people who live or work in Flossmoor. It is designed to give local residents a working knowledge of how the police department operates. During the program, participants will have a chance to ride along with officers on patrol, use the department’s firing range and role-play situations that law enforcement personnel routinely encounter.
Weekly classes meet on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Classes are taught by Flossmoor police officers and law enforcement professionals from other agencies.
Topics include accident investigation, crime prevention, crime scene processing, drug identification, juvenile law, shoot and don’t shoot scenarios, traffic laws and DUI enforcement, use of force and arrest procedures. 
The program is not designed to make applicants certified police officers. The classes are of an informative nature and are not intended to provide graduates with the authority to act as police officers.
Persons who apply for the program must be at least 18 years old, able to attend at least 10 sessions, and have no felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions within one year of their application. Applicants must pass a background check.
Interested persons can fill out an online application by clicking here

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